Mediation Process

How does Mediation Work?

  • Each disputant agrees to mediation, pays a fee, and attends with the mediator and the opponents at an agreed place.
  • The mediator will explain the procedure, and then each side gives a short summary of their case.
  • The mediator will then see each side separately, and will find out what is behind the dispute, what the issues are, what is agreed, what is actually in dispute and what each side really wants.
  • The mediator will not reveal to the other side anything said without express permission.
  • The mediator acts as a go-between and as an imaginative problem-solver.
  • The mediator's task is to assist the parties to reach their own settlement.
  • The mediator cannot give any judgment.
  • Any one can walk out at any time.
  • At the end of the mediation, successful or otherwise, the mediator destroys the notes in the presence of the parties.